Rely On The Interior Designing Bangkok

Rely On The Interior Designing Bangkok

If the pandemic has taught us one thing about our homes, it’s the importance of interior designing. Be it proper isolation space, a background for your images or just an aesthetic view to soothe our eyes after a long day of staring at screens, the way our interiors are planned have affected us immensely. But wait; don’t confuse it with interior decoration!

So what exactly Interior Designer Bangkok do? It is the planning and design of a building to make it more useful and visually pleasing for the people using it. What makes it different from decorating is while the decoration is the adorning of a place using various items and themes; interior designing is the making of space in a functional and pleasing manner.

If you are wondering how to use interior designing for your home, here are the 7 principles you must know.


 It’s no surprise that space is a principle of interior designing. After all, it is the designing of empty spaces! An important aspect of the space principle is thinking about the positive and negative spaces. The empty spaces that give an “Open” feel to a room is known as negative space and the space filled with decor or furniture is known as positive space. Apart from thinking about whether to have more positive and negative spaces, make sure to think about the spaces above and below your furniture too! A good way to start is to think if you want to draw the attention to the floor or ceiling?

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 Yes, simple lines can trick our brains and interior designing takes the advantage of that! For example, if you want the space to give a cosy and secure feel, use horizontal lines and if you want the space to look airy and lofty, incorporate vertical lines!


 Shapes, when used properly, can change the whole aesthetic of your building! Various shapes are used to create different ambiences like modern, warm or natural.


 Like shapes, patterns are another element of the “line” family used to alter the aesthetics of your space. Coming with a with range of options, patterns can change the whole look of a space o effortlessly! Whether it’s the walls, ceilings, the floor tiles or simply the curtains, patterns is our go-to when we need a change in the vibe!


Another important part of the ambience, lighting can affect our moods and vibes like no other. Whether it’s altering the space of windows and doors to facilitate natural lighting or using artificial lights to highlight your favourite showpiece all come under the lighting principle!