Telugu Movies For Families, According To IMDb in 2021

Tollywood industry is a well-renowned industry for Telugu movies and web series. Whether it is a family member or a friend, this is the only industry whose films can be enjoyed by anyone. The reason for this industry’s growth is the simplicity of any movie. The movies are convenient for everyone to watch. Tollywood is the best industry for films for all age groups. Even the older people want to watch Telugu movies in this industry because of content that makes them relive their past times. The action and the dialogues make the audience laugh in any situation. For comedy movies, the Tollywood industry is the best known.

Aha channel has recently added its OTT platform. This OTT platform has been helping the viewers to remain entertained during the pandemic. Because of this platform, varieties of Telugu movies and web series are available on international platforms like Netflix.

Telugu movies like Krack, Naandhi, and KshanaKshanamhave become famous worldwide because of this OTT platform. OTT platform has been in trend for the last few years. Before lockdown, the OTT platform was not much in demand. But, because of lockdown, the OTT platform has been demanded the most. When most television channels stopped making new episodes, these online platforms were a source of entertainment for the viewers.

Aha app is the best app for viewers to download movies and watch them offline. It is the best app to watch offline Telugu films. Aha app is an app mostly demanded during the lockdown. It is the first and only app in India that has a collection of all the latest Telugu movies and web series. Users used the app to keep themselves entertained with the best industry in India. You can download the app from the Play Store or app store. The picture quality of any movie is available in the Dolby quality. The audio quality and the video quality are available in HD quality. The HD quality of the video makes the viewers feel no less than a theatre. There are a variety of options available for the viewers in the app.

The viewer can subscribe to the channel to unlock many benefits provided by the app. Also, by creating an account in the app, One can use the Aha app for free. The viewer can watch all the latest Telugu web series and movies only when they subscribe to the channel. The subscription to the app is available at a pocket-friendly cost. This channel is the very first channel that gives reviews to the viewers. The viewer can watch these reviews of movies before watching any movie so that they can decide whether they should watch the film or not. Aha is the best app for streaming movies online and entertaining its viewers.  Download the app today and get the best in Telugu entertainment that keeps viewers engrossed for hours.

Telugu Inspiring, Feel-Good Movies

The best content movie of any Indian industry is the Tollywood industry. However, everyone is aware that Tollywood has the best action films in the whole country. Tollywood is very advanced in the matter of story writing or the casting of the film. Also, the cinematographers of this industry are well qualified. The whole country demands for the South industry cinematographers. Even the small production house doesn’t fear investing in Telugu movies; this is because they know that Tollywood can do the best. The hard work and dedication of the cast of this industry have to lead them to reach the height. People love to watch movies of this industry and are demanding the dubbed version worldwide. When we talk about movies, Johaar and mail are must-watch movies on aha app.

Johaar was released on 15th August 2020. Marni Teja Chowdary has directed this film. Ram Vamsi Krishna is the producer. The story of the film revolves around short five stories simultaneously. In the first story, a young CM wants to create the biggest idol of his father to gain sympathy. The second story is about a young sports player, and the third story revolves around a poor farmer. The fourth story is about a corrupted who runs an NGO. The fifth story is about the young CM. However, the film is fascinating and engaging with the audience. Esher Anil as Jyothi, AnkithKoyya as Siddhu, NainaGanguly as Bala, Eshwari Rao as Ganga, Chaitanya Krishna as Vijay Varma, SubhalekhaSudhakar as Bose, Chalapathi Rao and Rohini are lead characters in this film. Also, the story of the movie revolves around the political background and is engaging.

Mail is a movie released on 12th January 2021. UdayGurrala has written and directed this film. Also, UdayGurrala, along with ShyamDupati has looked after the cinematography of this film. The movie is 116 minutes long. Priyadarshi as Hybath and HarshitMalgireddy as Ravi are the lead characters of this film. Aha channel has started this film series. However, the story revolves around old times where technology was not much introduced at that time. Viewers can connect well to the film as they will find situations where they must have been in their old times. The movie shows the scenes of desktops introduced in villages for the first time. Also, how people made fun of these technologies when they are first introduced. All the concepts show how people started making fools to earn more money.

Aha channel has released its OTT platform, which has been very popular these days. Before, Telugu web series and movies were not much available on online platforms. But, because of the Aha channel, more and more people started to watch Telugu movies online and web series. Importance is now giving to this industry because of the new contents which they include in these movies. Subscribe to this channel to get updates about all the latest movies and web series. Watch all the latest Telugu movies online and keep entertaining yourself with the Aha channel.

Even after age 30 … can love happen

Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna is a new age romantic drama and latest movie written and directed by SrikanthNagothi. This film is a perfect representation of the lives of Hyderabadi working people and the emotions behind their life towards their future in marriage. Even after age 30.. can love happen? is one question that few people suffer from and this film raises up the hopes of those individuals. You should add this film to your telugu movie watch list because it is a beautiful film you should not miss.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Naveen Chandra

Actress: SalonyLuthra

Other actors: Viva Harsha, Raja Chembolu, ShaliniVadnikatti.

Director: SrikanthNagothi

Based: North Star Entertainment

Producer: YashwanthMalukutla

Music: Shravan Bharadwaj

Cinematography: Sai Prakash Ummadisingu

Editing: RavikanthPerepu

Story By: SrikanthNagothi

Other information:

Runtime: 93 minutes

Release date: 3 July 2020

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Distributor: Aha

Story Line:

Bhanumathi, a modern strong and independent woman in her 30’s, is fed up with her break up with Ram who blamed her as ignorant and less considerate women he has ever seen. Her strong and blunt character just makes people uncomfortable to converse with her. Simultaneously, Ramakrishna, from a small town comes to the city in search of a proper paying job to have his settlement. They both work in the same company and as a professional, Bhanumathi was assigned to mentor Ramakrishna and train him as he’s new to his job. Ramakrishna is an innocent and polite man who talks to everyone with kindness from his heart. As work piles up, both of them have to spend a lot of time together and work together. Those situations give more insights into their personal lives and after a few fights and disturbances, they realize they fell in love with each other. Both characters are totally opposite to each other and how they manage to settle the disputes between them is what makes the film more beautiful and fascinating.

Artists Performances:

  • Naveen Chandra was so perfect for the role of innocent guys next door in villages.
  • SalonyLuthra is a new actress and after watching this film it doesn’t feel like it. her timing was on point and she seems very professional and experienced.
  • Harsha, as a supporting role and comic character, they couldn’t get a better person.
  • Raja Chembolu is a charm to the story! Though his character is very short, he did not fail to perform his best.

Reasons To Watch:

  • It’s a new story which is very relatable and acceptable by each and every one.
  • It’s a simple and excellent family movie, where you can sit, watch and enjoy the movie with the family.
  • If you missed an innocent hero movie, this movie is your choice.
  • The story is the leader of the movie, it is very smooth and seamless.
  • Experience the feel of love with a piece of soothing music.

Love can happen anytime and anywhere, wanna believe it, watch this amazing love story today! You can watch Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna movie online only on Aha!