Products you can sell in your hemp dispensary

Products you can sell in your hemp dispensary

If you are planning to launch a hemp dispensary, you may be confused about which products to feature in your store. Many often, dispensary owners end up stocking up products that don’t have much demand among the audience. If you want to get popularity among your consumers, pay attention to what they want or what the local dispensaries are selling.

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We made it somewhat easy for you. Today, we will discuss a few evergreen products that you can sell in your California hemp dispensary. Check out.

Trendy products to sell in your hemp dispensary

  1. Vape pens

Vape pens are quite popular these days. These are basically battery-operated pen-like devices that the enthusiasts can inhale an aerosol that possesses nicotine, marijuana, flavoring, etc. People prefer to use such pens as these are easily portable. The enthusiasts can smoke marijuana whenever they want.

  1. Lip Balm

Lip balms enriched with hemp and CBD oil are also popular among Marijuana enthusiasts. The best part is that these lip balms are easily customizable. So the users can customize the product as per their preference. If you are selling recreational Marijuana products, consider stocking up customized lip balms and witness a hike in sales.

  1. Rolling Papers

Classic never fades. Rolling papers are a must-have in your dispensary. There are diverse qualities of rolling papers. Of course, they come with distinct price tags. You may feature a few types of rolling papers in your dispensary to cater to everyone.

  1. Edibles

There are various types of edibles available in the market and you should also sell these in your dispensary. These are very popular among the beginners. CBD edibles are available in multiple flavors – some are rocky and earthy while others are milder. Make sure to stock up different types of hemp edibles and pay attention to which one has more sales. If you are just starting out, you can save lots of bucks this way.

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  1. Wax concentrates and THC Oil

The concentrate is a potent extract of the hemp plant that has a high percentage of THC. Experienced Marijuana enthusiasts prefer concentrates for its powerful effect. People can consume a massive amount of cannabinoids through this.

  1. Capsules

Capsules are generic products used for medical and recreational marijuana consumption. It’s a must-have in your dispensary.


These products are always in high demand these days. Sell these products in your dispensary and you will be flooded with Marijuana enthusiasts.