Greenshot all you need to know

Greenshot all you need to know

A free and open-source screenshot utility for Windows is called greenshot. It was created by Thomas Braun, Jens Klingen, and Robin Krom and is available on GitHub under the GNU General Public License. Additionally offered for macOS, Greenshot is a paid download through the App Store.

Why does Greenshot require x MB of my RAM?

Let’s establish a common vocabulary before discussing memory usage: there are a few things to note and many concepts that are simple to misunderstand.

What version of Greenshot are you using? Upgrade if necessary if it is not the most recent stable release. Version 1.0 addresses several memory problems that existed in earlier iterations.

Should I pay to use Greenshot?

According to the GNU General Public License, Greenshot is free (GPL). In essence, this means that users may use the programme for both personal and professional reasons at no cost. The vast majority of use cases definitely fall under this category.

The modification, derivation, and redistribution of the program’s source code are just a few examples of the restrictions that apply. Please read the GPL’s licence text; if you are unsure of what it means, you should definitely see a lawyer because we are unable to provide legal advice.

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How can I get Greenshot to open a picture?

By selecting Open with from the menu after right-clicking a picture and choosing another programme, you can link an app to a specific file type. Greenshot, which is generally found under C>Program>Files>Greenshot, can be added there at the very bottom of the options list. Then, you can choose Greenshot to open the file by selecting Open with from the context menu when you right-click on a picture.

Greenshot offers an intelligent configuration system that humans can read and even modify! When the greenshot.ini file is created by Greenshot, it automatically adds comments to each setting to facilitate manual modification. Greenshot will either use the system administrator’s or the developer’s default settings if a setting or even a configuration file is absent.

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