What Distinguishes Shisha from a Hookah?

What Distinguishes Shisha from a Hookah?

Even while most hookah lounges have educated personnel on hand to assist first-timers or anybody else in need, if you’re like many others, it might be a bit unsettling to try new things when you’re unclear of the correct “lingo.” We want our clients to feel comfortable and at home, so let’s get started with a brief introduction to two crucial terms: shisha and hookah. Although these concepts are related and are occasionally used synonymously, let’s take a closer look at each one. If you want your Alpha  hookah Shishas  set to be complete, you should also add any of the hookah bowls and, if you don’t want to prepare your hookah with foil, Heat Keeper.


The word “shisha,” which is also the most common term for the tobacco smoked, is sometimes used to refer to the pipe itself. Traditionally, this tobacco is used in a hookah bowl after being steeped in flavouring liquids. Oftentimes, shisha has a fruit flavour. When heated with coals, the shisha is smoked from a “bowl” that sits on top of the hookah.Therefore, shisha is the name for the fragrant and tasty tobacco used in hookahs, but the phrase is also used to refer to the actual pipe because shishe is the Persian word for glass.


The real pipe used to smoke shisha is called a hookah. Because it is a water pipe, a hookah may be distinguished from other types of pipes. When a person inhales through a hookah, the vapour first goes through the water basin at the bottom of the device before entering the body. The majority of hookahs is constructed of glass and resemble pieces of art rather than smoking apparatuses. Although they were initially created in India, the custom of unwinding and socialising over a bowl of shisha has spread to the Middle East as well as India. It has only been around 20 years or so since the hookah gained popularity in the West.

People now engage in this pastime all over the world, with the hookah gaining popularity in the Americas (where our very own Paymon Raouf established the “Hookah Lounge” concept and copyrighted the word!), Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Is that tall glass device you use to smoke a shisha? Isn’t that what it’s called—a hookah? What about that peculiar-looking material you added?

This fantastic method of smoking tobacco molasses is surrounded by a tonne of doubts and much more uncertainty. You’ve undoubtedly heard of words like “hookah” or “shisha” if you’ve experimented with traditional smoking techniques. While ardent tobacco users may be able to tell the two apart, for casual and first-time users, these two phrases are either indistinguishable or downright perplexing.