Legal advice for employees

Accidents suffered by employees during or in connection with their work and on the way to and from work are occupational accidents. But not only workers can suffer accidents at work, but also schoolchildren, children and students who are in a public institution. It is not always possible to clearly determine whether the accident suffered is actually an accident at work within the meaning of social law so file a workplace injury case with an experienced lawyer . A specialist lawyer for social law knows which criteria must be met in order for the accident to be covered by the statutory accident insuranceis also recognized. He also advises employees on how to behave after an accident at work. The employer must be informed of the accident at work immediately and the employee should consult a so-called transit doctor who, if necessary, issues a certificate of incapacity for work. The transit doctor then informs the trade association about the accident at work.

A specialist lawyer for social law also helps employees to enforce their claims against social benefit providers. The benefits after an accident at work range from injury benefits to rehabilitation measures and a pension. A specialist lawyer for social law knows which benefits can be claimed and whom the accident worker can turn to.

If there is an occupational accident in the company, there are a few things that the employer must pay attention to. In a company with more than 20 employees, at least five percent of the employees should be trained as first aiders beforehand. If there is an accident at work, a record of the first aid measure must be drawn up. The minimum information here is the date, the description of the accident at work and the first aid measures, the name of the casualty and the first aider and the witnesses. The employer should send the employee to a so-called transit doctor. In the event of serious injuries, an ambulance must of course be called. The employer must report the accident at work to the accident insurer.

A specialist lawyer for social law advises employers on compliance with industrial safety regulations in the company. But he is also a technically competent contact for questions about continued payment of wages or protection against dismissal , for example if the employee is absent for a longer period due to an industrial accident.