Top tips to play the game of Golf

Golf is a very royal game. It has huge popularity in many prats the world. Playing golf is good to walk fast, although when you get to your ball you take your time to prepare.Currently in many golf courses there are slow play situations that can be easily avoided, simply by paying attention to some basic considerations.Click here to read articles on Sports.

In informal golf games that are not championships, it is not necessary to strictly follow the Rules of Golf that say that the player furthest from the hole always plays first, always the player who has done the least blows in the previous hole always comes out first, etc.Visit this site to read articles on Sports.

Players in a group can agree on the following actions in order to speed up the game in an informal match (not in championships):

When a player can play

A player can play as soon as he reaches his ball (even if he does not have to play), as long as it does not interfere with the preparation or blow of another playmate.

The tees

In the tees of exit it is possible to proceed in the same way: if a player arrives in advance to the tee of exit with respect to his companions, he can place his ball and leave, although it is not his turn.

play the game of Golf

The bag of sticks

Leave the bag of sticks on the side of the green where the road to the next tee is located. In this way, when a player finishes kicking and leaves the green, he picks up his bag on the way to the next tee. It is also good to have the bag of sticks tidy, with each stick always in place. So, you do not waste so much time looking for the stick to play the next hit.

Controlling the ball

It is very important to visually control the ball of the playmates and help in their search in case it is not found. This gesture saves a lot of time spent searching for balls and is also a show of companionship that all players should have.

Fully concentrate

Give yourself the luxury of turning off your mobile. Enjoy the golf course and forget about work or obligations during that time. Your mind will thank you for giving up more later. Also, if you answer your mobile, you delay the group’s game considerably.

The sum of all these details means significant time savings at the end of the 18 holes. A reasonable time to play 18 holes of golf on a long course (a field of pairs 3, 4 and 5) is 3 hours and a half to 3 hours 45 minutes.