Transfer of residence: who can request it?

Transfer of residence: who can request it?

All citizens and families can apply for residence either from a foreign country to a new country municipality, or from one place to another, by choosing that particular place as their home. To request a change of residence, you must be of age or, in the case of a family unit, there must be at least one adult who is responsible for the persons over whom he / she exercises protection or of whom he is a parent Interstate Removalist.

To request a transfer of residence in the two cases indicated above, a citizen or family unit must:

  • be registered in the registry of the resident population in another municipality;
  • be registered with the Registry of Residing Abroad;
  • not be present in the unavailability lists of the registry of the resident population of a municipality.

If the citizen or family unit requests to transfer their residence to a place where there are already other residents, the declaration of change of residence must be signed by both parties. The change of residence has no cost.

Change of residence: how to request it?

To fix their residence or make a change of residence, the person must go to the registry office of the new municipality in which he intends to fix the residence or request the appropriate form and fill it in from home; once the residence declaration has been completed, the person or family unit can submit it in the following ways:

By going directly to the registry office during opening hours;

By fax;

By email;

Via PEC (certified e-mail);

Registered way.

The forwarding through IT systems can be made provided that the declaration is signed with a digital signature or that the applicant uses an electronic identity card.

Together with the declaration of change of residence, a copy of the identity document of the applicant and of all the persons transferring the residence must be attached : if adults, they too must fill in the form, otherwise it is the applicant who exercises protection or authority to do so. load for them.