How to Use Tulips as Wedding Flowers

Tulips are a sight to behold when it comes to wedding decorations and flower arrangements for a big day. Flowers that have uncompromising natural beauty, vibrant colors, and irresistible charm and elegance are typically at their best from mid-March through May. They represent the joy, elegance, atmosphere and spirit of spring wherever they go and can easily serve as a great element in every detail of a wedding decoration, no matter the theme, color palette, style, the season or even the place.

The best thing about using tulip flowers is that couples always have many options for creating beautiful and vibrant wedding flower arrangements to greet their guests. You can choose from anything from simple and traditional pastel shades that are widespread in gardens, to exotic varieties with perfect flair and glamor that will accentuate your wedding décor and big day flower arrangements. The most popular or famous varieties of wedding flowers include; parrot tulips, fringed tulips, double tulips and Rembrandt tulips.

Getting married in a few months and looking for inspiration to create tulip wedding flower arrangements for your big day? Well, we have the perfect solutions for you – here are some wedding tulip ideas to get you started;

Tulips as Wedding Flowers

White reception desk decoration:

Use white tulips and branches in tall glass vases to create a whimsical and dreamy atmosphere for your wedding tables. Also, for maximum effect, you can use the pebbles at the base of the tulip stem in glass vases.

Floating center element location:

Use several tall, slender cylindrical glass vases and arrange pink or even red tulip flowers in floating arrangements to decorate your reception tables. Also, use candles to complete the entire arrangement and add some glass vows to the mix to create a stunning display for the wedding reception theme.

Location of the central part of Mason Bank:

Use a stone jar wrapped in string and light green ribbon and fill it with white tulips and gerbera daisies for the perfect accent at wedding reception tables. Use a stack of old and classic books as the basis for the entire composition.

From red to purple tulips; there are more than options available in colors and even varieties to make beautiful wedding flower arrangements for a big day decoration. The flowers can be easily held in individual arrangements or even combined with various other wedding accents to make the perfect statement for all types of wedding décor and flower arrangements. Called some of the early omens of the spring season, they easily create the most stunning images for all kinds of wedding décor details.